You Guys Are My Foundation

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Growing up I never had a group of girlfriends, but now in my thirties, I have a group of women I call on whenever I am in need of good advice, a laugh, or a reality check. This episode of Have The Convo is my love letter to my best friends for believing in me and helping me come back and create an even better foundation for Have The Conversation.

Join me and my friends, Jen, Jenna H, Jenna S, and Leanne as they help me break down my personal breakdown that took place last year. You know the one where I declared I was done with this podcast forever! What a turn of events it turned out to be.

Enjoy yet another mini-meltdown as they help me navigate my way to what we are creating here at HTC and feel first hand the love and support you get from a group of women who love each other.

Mentioned In The Episode:

🌊.: Ojo Caliente Spa

🛍️ : Mary Jae Modern Cannabis Experience

📱: Five Minute Journal App

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