Walk and Talk with Colin

This week I am sitting down with the adventurous, kind and big hearted, Colin Wells. He is the founder of @VeteranWalkandTalk a non profit community of veterans who advocate for the outdoors and cannabis.

We discuss his time in the military, his opioid addiction, growing up in the Entertainment Industry and so much more.

Hear first hand from a Veteran what he wants out of the VA Hospital, (THIS IS WHO WE SHOULD BE LISTENING TOO!) and our love for a real life angel, Shirley Raines, and her work with @beauty2thestreetz.

@VeteransWalkandTalk is hosting their next #walkandtalk on Sunday March, 31, 2019 at Escondido Falls Trail in Malibu, CA at 0700.

For more information, follow @VeteransWalkandTalk on Instagram or visit http://www.veteranswalkandtalk.com or read Colins personal writings at http://www.laughterunderfire.org

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