Summer Lovin'

This week we sat down to talk about all our summer favs: What we’re heated up about, and what’s chilling us out this summer. 🌞 👣 🍍

Here are some of our Summer Go-Tos:

☀️@cocoandeve for keeping us sun-kissed and glowing this summer ☀️@interiordesignerella for keeping us trendy ☀️@sojosglasses for protecting our eyes and keeping us looking fly ☀️ @rhondabyrne_thesecret for keeping our minds right ☀️ @flyingembersbrew for keeping our bellies happy while having a good time

Mentioned In The Episode:

📚: Lifespan, The Secret, Think Again, Fuck Your Feelings, Wim Hof Method, Activate Your Vagus Nerve

🎙️: Whitney Cummings podcast David Sinclair, Joe Rogan podcast David Sinclair, Mindpump

🍹 : Wtrmln Watermelon, Kombucha Synergy, Flying Embers Spiked Kombucha

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