Sublime Science with Tom Paladino

We're hopping over to the 5th dimension this week to do some quantum healing with Tom Paladino!

Tom is a Scalar Light researcher whose personal mission is to make a difference by providing people with the education and tools to restore optimal health so that humanity can enhance their quality of life.

From Tesla to Hieronymous, We are learning all about what Scalar Energy is, How Tom helps, and the abilities of what Scalar Light is capable of! This conversation is a genuine quantum entanglement on the ability to bring healing to light!💡

**Apologies for the tandem dog-barking towards the end! It's a little "ruff"** ⚠️🐶

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Conversation with Tom Paladino 👇

Calla: Me and Leanne we're just talking and we always try to prep before our guests come on and try to understand and this is so above my paygrade, Tom.

Tom Paladino: It's so easy. You have a cell phone, correct?

Calla: Yes, I do.

Tom Paladino: Your cell phone has your family photographs. Well imagine a scalar energy instrument with your family photographs of instead of sending you harmful energy, I send you beneficial energy. It's so simple. It is a sublime science. By the way, it's not taught by academia, you realize that?

Calla: Yes

Tom Paladino: This is Tesla technology, it is suppressed.

Leanne: Is it similar to prayer? Like what you're saying?

Tom Paladino: Yes, it's identical. I have a prayer machine. I have a consciousness machine. Very good.

Leanne: What do you mean a prayer machine? What does that look like?

Tom Paladino: I control intelligence. That's what prayer is. It's divine intelligence. That's what I control. Have you seen my instrument?

Calla: No.

Tom Paladino: Actually, let me do a screen share here if I can. Let me see if I can find a photograph. You could share this with your audience.

Leanne: Yeah, we do videos. So this is perfect.

Tom Paladino: Yeah. So instead of a stream of electrons that say electricity, instead of a stream of electrons, what are we working with? We're working with consciousness, or we're working with the field, the force field. Okay. So putting that all together, we have been able to tap into this force field. It's just it's incredible what you can do with these instruments. And let me demonstrate now if I can bring that up screen share.

Leanne: Did you create this instrument, Tom?

Tom Paladino: Yeah, yes. I'm the inventor. I work with the team of engineers.

Leanne: Oh, wow.

Tom Paladino: And that's one of the instruments now, I'm going to hold up a photograph, I'm going to tell the audience I only work with emailed photographs, and I can either work with one people, or I can work with 1000 people. Now, I've been at this for 11-12 years publicly, you might fall off your seat, but here it goes. We've already worked with over 150 million people around the world. We're getting photographs of entire villages in Africa and India.

Calla: Wow.

Tom Paladino: This is suppressed ladies an entire villages have been cured of HIV.

Leanne: Okay, hold on, we need to backtrack. So how, how does this machine work?

Tom Paladino: We place a photograph inside the instrument. And in so doing the instrument will send energy into the photograph of a person. Energy into the photograph of a person. And that is, at least in theory connected to the person. So everything I do is by way of photographs of people. I connect to the force field so to speak. And in so doing I'm able to influence their forcefield.

Leanne: When did you discover that you could actively do something like this and it not being chance?

Tom Paladino: Yeah, I've been at this for years. So I'm 62 years of age just to let you know. I've been at this my entire lifetime. This has been my life goal. And in so doing, I've been able to get to the point of perfecting this technique. Now that's that's the instrument that works with photographs.

Leanne: Did you cure your herpes, Tom?

Tom Paladino: Herpes isn't curable. Okay. You know, most people have herpes one, which is oral herpes that you can transmit by kissing or drinking out of a common vessel, or herpes two which is blood transfusion or sexual contact. But the point I'm making, I'm trying to make this very simple and straightforward. So by sharing those two photographs, those are two information fields. My photograph carries my information. The herpes virus carries the information of herpes as well as the molecular atomic structure. So the way this instrument is calibrated, it will break down the molecular bonds of herpes that simple process. So that's a scalar energy environment. If you look at those two coils in the background, it creates an environment that creates a scalar energy environment. So by placing my photograph inside that instrument, alongside the herpes virus, I received the information of the herpes virus to break down the molecular bonds of herpes. It's that simple. That's the process to destroy the herpes virus.

Leanne: What is a scalar energy environment?

Tom Paladino: It is not electricity or magnetism, there's two energies. There's electricity magnetism, and then there's scalar. Scalar Energy is another dimension. It's the force field. It's consciousness prayer Qi.

Leanne: Is it similar to the law of attraction? Yes, it is. Okay. Very cool.

Tom Paladino: I have a consciousness instrument. That's a consciousness, that's a QI instrument. That's a law of attraction. That's a prayer instrument. There, it really is the modern day booklet of the Ark of the Covenant.

Calla: So I like to ask, Why does an academia acknowledge scalar energy then?

Tom Paladino: If I can work with half a million photographs a day, today, in my lab, I work with over 250,000 photographs. And if we can eradicate microbes in one day, that's the threat to the medical community.

Calla: Gotcha.

Leanne: If you get a picture of a person, does that person also have to tell you what it is specifically they need. It's just a pure energy that you send them.

Tom Paladino: Yes, the sessions are standardized. And the standardized session, I'm going to offer this to your crowd today. 15 days of free session on our website. So anybody in the world can sign up for 15 days of free sessions. You have the Microbe Cleanse, The Chakra Balancing and the nutrient program. We can create nutrients with these instruments also. We're able to create new micronutrients with essential

Leanne: How did this come to be? I want to hear the story of of how you started this and created this machine and then saw it work on people.

Calla: Yeah, give us the origin story. I'm so curious.

Tom Paladino: Okay, I'm gonna preface it by saying I'm Catholic, I'm a Roman Catholic.

Calla: Okay.

Tom Paladino: I received messages from Jesus and Mary. And I've worked with the mystics throughout my life has likewise received messages for me.

Leanne: From a young age? Like as a kid?

Tom Paladino: Well, for the past, say at least 35 years,

Leanne: Okay.

Tom Paladino: So for the past 35 years, I've been blessed to have to have this ability to receive messages and instructions from Jesus and Mary. So, as I continue, I have been graced with this, this ability to, to receive messages from Jesus and Mary. And in so doing, that's the key to my research, you have to, you have to depend upon this divine help, so to speak, you can't do this alone, without God. And this, this is why I've been so favored, so fortunate to have these messages. And to be able to invent. One of the key elements, the Blessed Virgin Mary gave me the simple schematics to destroy viruses, I was never able to do that until she gave me the schematics to do so. Here's, here's another approach, what you see here is vitamin B2 riboflavin. That's a magnified photograph of riboflavin. When I placed that inside the instrument, the riboflavin is identified, so to speak, the molecular structure of riboflavin and then downloaded into my photograph. And hence I received that finally, my quantum field by that photograph of riboflavin. So a photograph of riboflavin will allow my quantum field to create riboflavin. For a photograph, of the herpes virus will allow me to break apart to disassemble the herpes virus. So photographs allow me to construct the instrument that's the key, a photograph instructs the instrument, then the instrument will automatically break apart a microbe or create a symbol, a nutrient.

Leanne: And what is putting it in the machine? What does that like?

Tom Paladino: I have to physically place those photographs inside the scalar energy.

Leanne: Okay. So is it is this difficult for most people to understand or is it just us?

Tom Paladino: You really have to think about what I'm saying and pray upon it. And then you have to save yourself? Well, obviously, this is not electricity. Electricity does not behave this way. This is a unique instrument. There's nobody else in the world that's doing this. Hence this is groundbreaking. What I'm presenting is groundbreaking to the audience, to everybody.

Leanne: So back to the origin story. Sorry, Cal.

Calla: No, go for it.

Leanne: Where did the machine come into play? How did this get created?

Tom Paladino: I visited an inventor his family his name is Hieronymus. He was deceased, but I met his wife, the Hieronymous family. And I was able to purchase simple models of scalar energy instruments. And over the years, I've perfected it. And I have a brilliant engineer that works with me. And we have perfected these instruments from the Hieronymous model from that prototype. How do we do this? All by God's influence. This is God's plan. The reason very few people are on this trajectory. They just don't understand this. And God has not given them the wisdom.

Leanne: So because it's not tactile, so okay. So for instance, because I listened to this law of attraction podcast for a while and the way that he described, that type of energy was like, you can't see it, you can feel it, if you're tapped in. It's like a magnet with the whatever magnet, whatever, magnets. So there's just not a machine to calculate it or make it tactile. So this is your magnet, essentially, for consciousness.

Tom Paladino: You're right. And the result, it's only the results how people feel. Because there's no way to measure this. That's God's energy. How can you measure God? And there's no other scientific group that's approaching this this type of research, I'm the only one in the world. So no other scientific group can prove or disprove what I'm doing.

Leanne: How long does it take for you to go through the process of putting the picture in the instrument and going through that.

Tom Paladino: One hour a day treat for microbes another hour a day and treat for nutrients in the remaining should be? What our dad treat for microplush, our dad treat for the chakra balance, and the remaining 22 hours I treat for nutrients. So people are under the scalar energy session, 24 hours a day.

Leanne: Also, you put a picture of tons of people, that's how you get to

Tom Paladino: yes.

Leanne: Okay. And then you go through that with all of them at once.

Tom Paladino: Yeah. Today I treated 250,000 people simultaneously.

Leanne: And then, but how do you obviously you can't keep up with all those people? Do you get feedback from them?

Tom Paladino: We get feedback, we have four gals on the word of desk taking phone calls and explaining the process. We're very busy, to say the least.

Leanne: That's so cool. My mind is in a lot-

Calla: I know, I know, I I hate to say that I'm cynical, but I am just because it's new to me. And so I tend to go that route. So I'm just prefacing with saying that. However, I'm very open.

Tom Paladino: The key or was the key element or results. And if you look at our website, we have 2000 3000 testimonials. And many of those people that atest that they no longer have HIV, or herpes, and many of those people say I've been cured of herpes or HIV. Now, I cannot prove that according to scientific protocol. There is no scientific protocol for this. You have to accept it by faith. There is no other scientific protocol or group or research company that's performing this research.

Calla: Do you have moments of doubt when you've been building this and researching? Never in 35 years?

Tom Paladino: No, I saw what Hieronymous and Tesla were doing. I knew what they were up too. This is not electricity it doesn't behave like electricity.

Leanne: What was Hieronymus doing?

Tom Paladino: He Tesla and Hieronymus created scalar energy and they are controlling this other dimension. Both of them by the way began their careers as electrical engineers, but they advanced. They went into the more refined energy. Scalar Energy. And both of them were controlling nature. I control nature. When you work with scalar energy and have dominion over nature.

Leanne: Like weather or what do you mean by nature?

Tom Paladino: Yeah, Tesla was creating a free energy tower. Hieronymus was working with them. The anti gravity. Hieronymous was able to treat the Apollo Astronauts during their Lunar Mission by way of their photograph. Hieronymus green plants in the darkness scalar energy. Tesla drove a car powered by scalar energy took out the combustion engine to power the car with scalar energy.

Leanne: If that's not faith, I don't know what is?!

Calla: Yeah, for real.

Tom Paladino: So this is um, this is the new science. The only way I can back it up is by the testament. If you, I can share with you tons of testimonies people claim that they no longer have HIV

Leanne: and that's what blood tests and everything they it's not detected anymore? Wow. So what are what are some of your like? How soon can someone tell a difference from the scalar energy?

Tom Paladino: Two to three days. A couple of days.

Leanne: Wow. Now does this just work for like, physical ailments? What about like mental health?

Tom Paladino: The chakra balancing is just quite powerful. And I believe it has a great benefit spiritually and psychologically, the chakra balancing. We're able to balance the seven chakras. And in so doing, people say that they have a surge of energy or this corrects an addiction, many people have said over the years, this has been able to correct an addiction that they might have a phobia etc, etc. So all of this is, just it's just so promising to me where we're going with this. I'm going to show you another photograph. This this photograph that I'm about to share is light bulbs that are illuminated under the influence of scatter energy. Can you see those light bulbs?

Calla: Oh, yeah.

Leanne: Yeah.

Tom Paladino: Now they're in their factory package. But that scalar energy instrument is illuminating those light bulbs. So scalar energy fills an environment. I could show the audience as we speak. So that really is essentially a chakra that's so strong, it can eliminate lightbulbs, and it can illuminate a light bulb that should be able to illuminate your brainwaves.

Leanne: Wow. So how did you make the transition from because you said you're Roman Catholic. So I assume you believed in prayer before you believe that any of this? How did you make that transition?

Tom Paladino: You know, there's really no transition to made. If this is truth, then this God's Truth. And I don't think there's really a division between religion and science. I believe man has made that division, religion is science, science is religion, it's all truth.

Leanne: Yeah.

Calla: You've got great faith.

Leanne: Yeah.

Tom Paladino: There's just too much. There's too much fighting in the world. There's just too much division. At the end of the day, you ask yourself, what has been accomplished? Nothing. It's a wasted day. It's a wasted week, it's a wasted life.

Leanne: How do you maintain your faith with those thoughts as well, kind of running through your head?

Tom Paladino: You know, let's just look at the past few years with the pandemic. It's been a tough two years, but I'm centered in Christ. And I say to myself, well, I'll do the best I can. I'm not going to feed into that negativity. I see the nonsense. I'm not going to be part of it.

Leanne: Yeah, you talked a little bit, I think it was maybe on your YouTube channel, I got a quote from you. If humans are coherent in their minds with laser focus, then even the weather can be changed.

Tom Paladino: Yes, yes.

Leanne: Can you talk about that collective conscience and energy?

Tom Paladino: Yep. I believe that the human mind is a scalar energy vessel, so to speak. And if we can control our scalar waves, our brainwaves, we could do anything. We have dominion over nature. Oh, by the way, my predecessor Galen Hieronymus was able to produce rain with scalar energy instruments. So that consciousness will create rain. Now, can we do that? Yeah. Before if we have that strong, that spiritual presence, we could create rain. There have been scalar energy instruments that have created rain, you can control the weather the scattering, God told me not to touch the weather. So I don't experiment with the weather.

Calla: Is kind of like playing God essentially. A little bit?

Tom Paladino: Yes, it is. Yes, it is.

Calla: That's dangerous, don't you think?

Tom Paladino: You have to. I'll answer both questions you have to minion over nature. Okay, this is we're going back to the Garden of Eden when Adam and Eve had dominion over nature.

Calla: Gotcha.

Tom Paladino: These instruments are scalar. Why did Adam and Eve have dominion over nature they had scalar energy. They have they have perfect coherence or perfect divine will. So are these instruments allowing me to control nature? Yes, they are. Do I have divine power? Yes, this is divine power. I have instruments that give me divine control access to divine power. ,

Leanne: I have to ask have you ever pulled out someone you had a lot of beef with and put them in that machine and went the other direction Tom? I have to know.

Tom Paladino: No, no, that's why God trusts me and that's why I wont lease the instrument to anybody. It can be used as a weapon.

Leanne: So, you said that your predecessor used it to control the weather, Did it have to be a larger machine or like what would create more energy?

Tom Paladino: It was the calibration - the actual engineering of the instrument he was able to create brain the way you do that since scalar energy into the atmosphere, and you tell hydrogen and oxygen to combine to form water. If you can control a molecule, you can create the physical dimension, the physical universe that you want.

Leanne: So what are some of your more popular l programs?

Tom Paladino: It's the standardized sessions which again, for an hour, we treat for pathogens, another hour, we balanced the chakras and in the remaining 22 hours, we create nutrients. And it's standardized, because most people need that that's our by far our most popular program. We have other programs in which we create nutrients, phytochemicals, natural foods, we have another program we create endorphins, another program that can create male hormones or female hormones. All of those are relevant.

Leanne: So let's say somebody wanted to sign up for the 15 days? Would symptoms of whatever they were dealing with come back after those 15 days are over?

Tom Paladino: Sometimes, no, Sometimes, yes. It's hard to say, Okay, I call it a standardized session, because I perform the work function that I can depend upon, and that I can guarantee that is I have the ability to destroy hundreds of 1000s of microbes, germs. And I have the ability to assemble nutrients and the ability to balance the brainwaves. So that's what I proposed. Now how they respond. It's different for everyone.

Calla: What is some of the feedback you're getting? I know you talked about the HIV and things and things clearing up. But what are some of the other benefits?

Tom Paladino: Renewed strength clarity, many people say that they no longer have arthritis a lot, many times people have microbial infection that leads to inflammation, and destroy the microbes and then their dexterity will will be enhanced, they'll have greater range of motion. So there's so many things that we can consider. Some people say the nutrient program grows hair at a faster rate, that their hair is thicker, it's not so brittle. Some people say that their fingernails no longer chip that they have strong fingernails, because they're getting proper nutrition.

Calla: And that energy is harnessed through the photograph in your machine and is kind of sent out universally to them wherever they're at.

Tom Paladino: Exactly, exactly. It works like a satellite. So as long as you have a photograph PER person, you can identify their forcefield.

Leanne: So you said this is not a machine you are willing to share with anybody. Have you thought about the future of like, once you're ready to be done with this? Or if something were to happen? Who would take this over for you?

Tom Paladino: I have a chain of command that people would take over. Are they willing to spend a lifetime in research? No. You see what Tesla and Hieronymous have achieved, I've achieved. It's solitary research. We don't mean it that way. But very few people want to take this up. There's no money in it. There's no career here. There's no payday.

Leanne: So you just feel the drive.

Tom Paladino: There's no payday there's there's no remuneration. So how many people? I'm sure hundreds of 1000s of people have looked at my website, not one person has approached me said I want to do this for the next 50 years of my life. It's just not gonna happen.

Calla: And you said, the reason for you falling this path was divine intervention, you know, prayer, messages that have been handed down to you. Um, how is this different for people who may be like a little bit skeptical versus like going to church and getting involved in community and prayer and getting into that versus this? I mean, is there a differentiation or do they work in tandem?

Tom Paladino: I can't compare this to any religious practice. These are scientific instruments. I would say that the animating force is this the common denominator. I firmly believe Scalar Energy is a divine energy. It's not electricity. So when you pray You connect. You communicate with God, the divine connection. Is this a divine connection? Yes. By way of an instrument? Yes.

Leanne: Do most people have to try it for themselves to really get on board? Yeah, yeah. Because I definitely I would love to give this a shot. Does it matter how recently the photo was taken? Does that play any part?

Tom Paladino: No, that's a good point. The age of the photograph does not.

Leanne: Okay. And so what do you say to skeptics, because you've got to run into it all the time.

Tom Paladino: I do run into skeptics, and I appreciate the healthy, objective viewpoint, okay. And people say, Well, Tom, you have to prove that. My first admission is I can't, because this is not electromagnetic theory. This is not Newtonian science. I can prove what I'm doing in my laboratory with my instrument. But the only way people can prove it to themselves is, do they feel better? So it's really anecdotal. Right. Now, there is no scientific protocol, there is no scientific method to test this. Because there's no way to test Scalar Energy, you can test electromagnetic energy all day long. There is no scientific test for scalar energy, and there won't be. You can'y measure it. It's an infinite dimension.

Leanne: So who are your guinea pigs when you were first starting out?

Tom Paladino: Myself, my family, friends. And invariably, they saw better. Many of these people say whatever you're doing, I feel better. And over the years of the past 35-40 years, I've been able to speak more eloquently as to what I'm doing. But I'll still be quite frank about it. It's still, it's avant garde, and it cannot be proven. You cannot prove anything that I'm doing. According to Newtonian physics. It's not Newtonian physics. So we need a new understanding of a new field of physics a new discipline of physics. And then and only then can you develop theories and, and hopefully arrive at some type of explanation for this process.

Leanne: That's a tough, it's a tough sell that you're doing.

Tom Paladino: It's it's a lifetime of work. And this is what, this is why people didn't quite grasp what Tesla was doing later in his life. He wasn't working with electricity.

Calla: Right.

Tom Paladino: And my predecessor Hieronymus people just didn't get that. You know, it's just like, it's so esoteric, I realized that I, I'm not asking anybody to, you know, to sell the farm over this. Try it. That's why we have this 15 day