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Stigma, Shame, and Surrender with Sarah Jeanne Browne

Sarah Jeanne Browne is a speaker, writer, and activist. She is a self-help writer published on Forbes, Lifehack, Tiny Buddha, Thrive Global, Elephant Journal, and more. Sarah also leads workshops for youth leadership at The Peal Center, Pennsylvania Youth Leadership Network, and The Woodlands Foundation. Sarah is a “lived experience” speaker and writer with bipolar who fosters better mental health understandings to end stigma. Sarah promotes how to surrender or “let go,” as her philosophy in her writing.

Inside of this episode:

↣ What lead up to Sarah’s Bipolar Diagnosis.

↣ Her stints in the Psych Ward and LTSR.

↣ Her Hopes and Wishes for the Patient Experience

↣ Stigma and Shame

↣ Her upcoming memoir, “Unseen Brilliance.”

Connect with Guest:

Facebook: @SarahJSocialJustice

Twitter: @sarahjbrowne

Website: www.sarahjeannebrowne.com

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