Patients First, Always

My guest this week is the perfect guest to end Season One of #HTCpodcast. She culminates my two loves and the very foundation on which this podcast was created: Women & Cannabis.

Through women and cannabis, my heart grew and broke and grew back again, doubling in size. Women like my guest, Megan, encouraged me and pushed me to bring my personal best. Women like her who break stigmas and kick down barriers in new fields. Women who bring healing and relatability to a new industry. Woman who bring wisdom and knowledge and can command a room. I love Megan, can you tell?

Hear us chat, #Mom2Mom about her role at @LeaflineLabs, the cannabis industry and our love for Mary Jane. She’s the real deal and so are the brands she aligns with.

Thank you, Megan, for rounding out Chapter One of a real cool story about how I “Once started a podcast”…

This process has brought with it a lot of healing, talking and connecting. (Hey!!! that’s, #HTC – the letters were in front of me the entire time… )

Tune in to this weeks episode and hear some really shitty editing/audio work for the last time- and stay tuned for some changes around here!


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