Hypnotic Hangover with Doug Sands

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Doug Sands is a consulting hypnotist who helps would-be adventurers overcome fear and anxiety. He is also the host of the Making Meaning Podcast, a show that interviews top adventurers about the struggles they’ve overcome in their journey.

Inside of this episode:

↣ What is hypnosis

↣ Alpha, Beta, and the Theta Brain States

↣ How the unconscious mind can help heal trauma, aid in weight loss, and help treat anxiety and depression.

↣ Neuroplasticity and the ability to rewire your brain. ↣ Hypnosis by way of Induction ↣ Coping Mechanisms, Habits, and Beliefs ↣ Neurolinguistic Programming

Mentioned In The Episode:

📚 : Designing Your Life, You Are the Placebo

📱: Headspace App, Insight Timer 📍: HypnoThoughts Live Conference

Connect with Guest:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/makingyourmeaning Facebook: www.facebook.com/anywherehypnosis Website: www.anywherehypnosis.com Check out Doug’s Channel on YouTube

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