A Hard Pill To Swallow with Fabian Henry

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Joining us this week is Fabian Henry, Founder of Marijuana for Trauma and GAFF House. Fabian shares with us his experience in the Canadian Armed forces, the PTSD that followed, and how a 90 prescription was not going to be the solution.

There is so much information within our time spent with Fabian, and we thinking carving out an hour of your time to listen will bring great value.

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Mentioned In The Episode:

📚: The Secret, Why We Sleep 🌿: Santa Cruz Veterans Alliance, Balanced Veterans Network, GAFF House, Veterans For Healing

💻 : Psylocibin research (compass pathways), NYU research on cannabis for trauma , Wounder Warriors,

Veteran Walks 750 Miles Through Snowstorms To Protest Cuts To Medical Marijuana Treatments - and we heard first hand what was really going on. Listen now!

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